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An Amazing Picture

We sat anxiously in the waiting room, ready to jump up each time the door opened for them to call a new patient. The wait was excruciating as we sat there trying to make small talk with each other. I rubbed my wife's bulging belly in anticipation. Then it was our turn and as they rubbed the wand over her stomach, I grew more excited and nervous with every moment. Finally, there it was-there was the head, then the arms, and down the body the picture moved. We didn't even wait for the question as we belted out, "we want to know what we're having".
Then there it was, the answer to the question we had pondered for months-"It's a Boy". I couldn't believe my eyes as I saw my son dance across the screen, almost waving to me. I couldn't hold back a tear of joy as I took in the most amazing picture I had ever seen in my life.

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