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Loss of virginity

It was the homecoming dance at our high school and Todd Shepherd asked me to go with him. Todd and I had been to the movies twice and we made out under the bleachers at the last home football game. I liked him very much and was so excited. But when my friend Rhonda asked him if he was my boyfriend, he just shrugged his shoulders. We went to the homecoming dance. He bought me a carnation corsage and everything. We didn't dance though. We just sat on some chairs and drank punch until he said, "Let's get out of here." I thought he was driving me home but instead he drove into the woods and we made out in his car for over an hour. He took my blouse off and put his hands in my pants. He asked me if I wanted to "do it." When I told him I wasn't sure, he said he loved me, so I did. He took me home and we never talked again.

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