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Halloween Horror

Trick or Treating in our small town was so much fun. Mom helped my sister and I dress up as princesses and sent us on our way. My sister was finally old enough to take me trick-or-treating without my parents.

We met up with two of her friends, one who also toted a baby sister. Her sister was a little younger than I was, maybe four or five. We skipped our way from house to house, bragging about our plastic pumpkins and how heavy they were getting. As we approached a side road intersection, Megan's sister broke free of her grip and headed full speed ahead across the road, her goal a house on the other side brightly lit with orange lights and blaring creepy music. The screams of onlookers mixed with the screech of the tires filled the air.

Megan's sister lay on the ground just to the right of the car. Hysterical adults screamed for an ambulance, while the little girl lay still, her bride costume stained with blood. Jill lived, but suffered severe brain damage.

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