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Girl of My Dreams

I knew my wife was the one for me the moment I spotted her at the Halloween party. She was wearing overalls with a dirty wife beater and was very pregnant with pillow twins. Her hair was a tangled knotted mess of a ponytail, and she had grease stains on her cheeks and forehead. She had a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other, with a little silver thermos sticking out of her torn back pocket. On her round butt (I think it was padded with pillows too) where the letters w.t. obviously pointing out that she was white trash.

I slinked up to her in my white sequined Elvis suite and introduced myself. She reached out to shake my hand and smiled revealing a mouthful of blackened to look like they were missing, teeth. She didn't look anything like the other girls who were dancing around in their slutty costumes, and that's why I loved her.

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