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Dad has a heart attack

Dad was driving home from work when he couldn't catch his breath and had sharp pains in his chest. He stumbled into the house pale and sweaty, and reached out for someone to help him to his chair. Mom called the nurse line first, then 911. An ambulance came and hauled him away after the EMTs told us he was probably having a heart attack. Mom and I followed in the car; I drove because I was the more stable one of the two of us.

Once he was resting comfortably we sat at his bedside and watched soundless talk shows while waiting for the doctor to come in. Mom's eyes glazed over when he spoke of the damage to dad's heart and his need for open heart surgery. I took her out for a late dinner on the way home, and we sat at Country Kitchen, deliriously making jokes about the curtains, the wait staff, and the food. I'm sure everyone in there thought we were totally nuts!

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