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First Day in High School

The first day of high school was a tough one. I was an awkward and shy new kid in town ,and didn't know anyone. I threw my skateboard down near the bike rack and went inside to face my fears. I wandered through the entire day without speaking one word to anyone. The other kids left me alone, consumed by their own fears and activities with their friends.

When the bell finally rang at the end of the day, I sprinted for the doors. Relieved to see it was still there, I grabbed my board and headed for the skate park. I was the first one there and got right to it. I was lost in practicing my new tricks when I looked around and realized I had an admiring crowd watching me. I jumped off the ramp to give some of them a chance, and three guys who looked just as awkward as me introduced themselves. We skated till dark, and they ended up becoming my best friends.

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