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You'll Forget This When You are Older

How wonderful to be invited to Prom! Mom helped me buy a dress, and I even went to a beauty shop to get my hair done. My mom said she thought I was beautiful. She had tears in her eyes when she said it. The knock on the door finally came. I could hardly breathe, I was so nervous!

Then my stepfather came into the room and announced that I was not going to the Prom. He had thought about it and decided that since he had to report to jail the next day, I should be home with my mom. He was sure I would be out all night and not be here when he left. No amount of begging would change his mind.

My mom was very angry, but for some reason had no influence on him. I thought I sensed she was afraid of him. The boy left, and I went in my room, took the dress off, brushed out my hair, and cried for hours. I was angry at God, too, and asked him why did I always have to be the one to have bad things happen?

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