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You Can't Dress that way!

The day after Bella turned 13, something suddenly clicked on, and she decided it was time for mini skirts and high heels. What was funny was that she thought she was going to be able to walk out of the house like that. But her father and I both agreed that the only thing she would be doing in that navel showing outfit, was cleaning the toilets.

She did the expected teenage thing, and took it horribly when we told her to change. We had almost thought she was going to stay home in her room, but she obviously decided she still wanted to go out, because she did change. When she came back out she at least had on a tank top and coat, and a pair of full length pants. I remembered ask Noel that day, if he had bought her that provocative outfit, and he didn't. We never did find out where she got it from either.

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