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When you're 4 and your best friend is dying.

I can't say these memories are super clear, some just a little foggy but I was a child.

When I was 4 I remember my mom rushing my younger brother to the ER. I begged to go with because he was my best friend. I knew there was something wrong with his vision, which at 4 just meant his eyes. It turns out he had cancer behind his right eye.

I remember when I was 4 and they told me that he was dying. I cried so much. He was only a year younger than me and we did everything together. How was he going to go away for forever when we'd only just begun? It was terrifying and I was already fairly fragile emotionally.

All I knew was that the person who meant the most in the world to me besides my parents was going to leave me, I just didn't know when.

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