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The worst birthday of my life

Your 21st birthday is supposed to be something special, isn't it? Well mine certainly was, but not in a good way. The day started out great. I was happy and on top of the world. I was giving a presentation that afternoon, so I wore my best business clothes. In the morning, I was carrying a cup of coffee back to my desk when someone bumped my arm and the coffee spilled onto my white shirt.

At lunch, some ketchup from my French fries dropped onto the same white shirt. Later, as I was putting together the handouts for my presentation, I accidentally tipped over a cup of coffee onto my desk and ruined the reports.

So I had to quickly go and make more copies. As I was setting up for the presentation, I snagged the knee of my pantyhose, which made a big run all down the front of my leg. And when I stooped down to pick something up, my knee split through the run and created a big hole. So there I stood, giving this important presentation with coffee and ketchup stains on my shirt and this big hole in my stockings.

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