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The bus nearly goes off the bridge

Last year when I was 47, my car went on the fritz so I had to start taking the bus to get around. One night on the way home, during a pounding rainstorm, the driver of the bus apparently lost track of the road.

Next thing I know, there was this loud sound and the bus turned all sideways. People were flying everywhere out of their seats. I fell against the window, and when I looked out, all I could see was water rushing by real close. Seems the bus had slid over the side of a bank next to a bridge.

The driver told us all not to move. We did the best we could, though the bus kept shifting closer to the water because of the mud. Pretty soon a tow truck was able to lift us back up the bank and save us all from drowning, but let me tell you, for a while there my life was flashing before my eyes, and it wasn't a pretty sight.

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