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So Mean, Nice Nose

Kids are cruel, we all know that but it's still hard to live through their torturous ways sometimes. I was always a pretty confident kid, my mom and dad made sure of that as they knew that self esteem was important. I never looked in the mirror and felt bad about myself….until that one day! He always had a scowl on his face, that was just his way. I never paid much attention to him, nor he to me and that was just fine. One day he came up to me out of the blue, no warning or rationale. Then he pointed at me, giggled for a minute and said 'nice nose, that has got to be the biggest thing I've ever seen on somebody's face.' I was stunned, I stood there with my jaw wide open, unsure of what had just happened. I felt daggers running into my heart as I ran to the bathroom crying.

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