the big deception gay bashing an earth-shattering breakup finding out i was hiv an affair with a colleague she left me (attempted suicide) todd was an abusive prick i caught my girlfriend cheating on me! mom, i'm gay waking up in the morning and finding her still there you don't just stop when you're older dad's departure the world becomes new again dad disowns me i tell my parents i'm gay my mother's rejection meeting my first boyfriend the fall i'm gay and in love getting hit the last time he's a fag! a little gel and some accessories spying on the one i loved rebel make out in the park i cheated on my girlfriend because she deserved it my first gay encounter leaving home love at first sight marry me i can't give up on him we're going to disneyworld -not! i'm leaving home falling in love with a married man that other guy finding my life partner facing betrayal dad's departure breaking up is hard to do divorced moving day the calm before the storm kicking her out cracks in the foundation my first wife leaves me getting kicked out call it off how could he break my heart like that? meeting my future husband going our own ways man of the house having my heart broken hiding a secret parting as friends parenting isn't a job you can quit misunderstood finally rid of him not wavering dinner's cold again wire hangers breaking up when your child makes bad choices. in your face loud voices out in the crowd laughing hysterically finding love fun in the kitchen i see you looking at me realizing i wasn't like other boys the first mistake of many too close movie day i saw a happy couple the first lie jerk good start book time picking apples playing the field: one night stand screaming louder
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