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realising enlightenment

I was on the path of searching happiness for a long time. At a point even I thought I am happy, but my happiness was based on something "external" to myself. Everything from "outside" is constantly changing and we get attached of an image. Slowly the image becomes different from the changing reality. And then we get stuck in the past and suffering occurs. The story is simple: adolescent used to success falls in love, breaks up after 6 years, tries to understand what is wrong and cannot pinpoint it, gets a good job, nice relationship... Realising the emptiness and meaningless of this kind of life, lets everything behind: a perfect job on the point when promotion is offered together with leadership and perks, a good relationship at the point of marriage... he leaves everything behind and goes in a meditation retreat for an undefined amount of time... with the sole purpose in mind to do whatever necessary in order to escape pain and suffering. After a while realises that a lifetime of dedication is necessary to overcome the mind patterns that induced pain and suffering and he pledged to himself to attain enlightenment at any cost. As the result of the honesty of this decision, in only one year and a half of total dedication enlightenment is realised and the state of peace and harmony attained: everything make perfect sense, and the world arrange itself in harmony with and according the thoughts that are emitted and maintained. At first is excitement and the feeling of extreme power, and in time a constant peace and understanding is realised and maintained every moment. This state is tested for another 7 years: 3 in the middle of society and then another 4 in the middle of the nature, on top a mountain. Yes, it is possible! Life can be beautiful, and peace and happiness is the only thing that make it worthing! Don't be afraid of changing your life and yourself and redesigning yourself into a peaceful "you"!

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