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Plane Ride

I was home for Christmas Break and my high school boyfriend, Max, called me out of the blue. He hadn't gone to college, and just wanted to do some catching up. He picked me up and we talked and drove for forty five minutes. He parked at a deserted airport and I thought maybe I'd given him the wrong idea. He opened the car door and guided me out and into a big metal building where his cousin was waiting for us.

He had just gotten his pilot's license, and wanted to take us for a ride. I crossed my fingers, a mixture of fear and excitement filling my body as I climbed into the tiny plane. We took off into the night sky, and I marveled at the city lights and stars as I sat next to Max. It was an amazing night, but when he dropped me off at home and leaned in to kiss me, I offered him only my cheek, not willing to go back in time.

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