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Near Death Experience

I saw it coming, and I stopped. The fire engine red truck was barreling down road, obviously driven by it drunk owner. "I should move I told myself", but still I didn't. I saw the fear in his face as he hit the brakes and horn, and I could smell the burn of the brakes as they locked up. They truck was sliding sideways, and I knew it was about to hit me.

For some reason I was glued to the spot, I couldn't move. I closed my eyes in defeat as something hit me hard. I saw my mom and dad behind my eye lids. I saw Rob, and Tim, and my sweet baby boy. I saw all the time I had wasted at the shelter, and it felt hopeless. I knew I must be dead.

When I woke up to Tim screaming at me, I gasped and looked around. The red truck had crashed into a store just near where I stood, and Tim was on top of me on the ground.

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