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My Knight in Shining Armor

It felt like a dream as the doors to the church opened and I saw him standing there. He looked so nervous as he stood handsomely in his tux. I knew that all eyes were on us, but I didn't care-he was all I saw. As I walked slowly down the aisle, I took it all in. He was the one for me and from this moment on we would be together forever. As the flash bulbs of the cameras went off, we locked eyes and held that gaze for what seemed like forever. I could feel myself beaming as I made my way towards him. I was so in love, just on top of the world as I was about to marry the love of my life.
At that very moment, I could envision our life together-our children, our happy times, us getting old together. I knew that nothing else mattered as would make a beautiful life together and that moment defined us as a couple more than anything else ever had.

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