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My first real love

Bill and I were in the same English Literature class. He was gorgeous-over 6 feet tall with reddish-blond hair and the most beautiful green eyes I ever saw. I really liked him but didn't think he liked me because he was always teasing and embarrassing me. Then one rainy afternoon, I was in the local hangout with a mutual friend when Bill appeared and scooted into booth beside me.

But this time, he was nice. We talked. We danced cheek-to-cheek to slow songs playing on the jukebox. He made a paper ring from a label he had peeled off of a wet beer bottle and slipped it on my finger. When we goodnight, I felt more passion than I had ever felt before. Neither of us wanted to let the other go. It was heaven. But a few weeks later, without a word, he moved on to someone else. It broke my heart.

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