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My first earthquake

I was living in Los Angeles. It was around 5 a.m. and I was in bed, sound asleep. Suddenly, I woke up to this eerie silence. Within seconds, I heard what sounded like a railroad train rolling down the tracks toward me followed by a loud rumble that seemed to last a long time.
Everything was shaking. My heart was pounding. I had to hold on to the edge of my mattress to keep from falling off. The chandelier in my dining room was swinging back and forth. I grabbed the lamp on my nightstand to keep it from falling over. I heard doors banging, glass smashing, and heavy things falling on the floor. When it was over, my kitchen floor was covered with broken glass, my bedroom TV and computer monitor were on the floor, pictures had fallen off the wall, books had fallen from the bookcase. Then came the aftershocks, one right after another. I thought this was the end.

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