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MRI for my work injury

So they finally decided after 3 months of going to the doctor and my shoulder not getting any better that they needed to send me for some tests. The x-rays didn't show anything. "Unremarkable" is what the doctor said about the x-rays so they sent me in for an MRI.

Now, I had worked for a radiology clinic awhile back so I'm familiar with MRI's and even had one for my head a few years back. What the doctors office neglected to tell me was that this would involve an injection into my shoulder joint. An arthrogram. I know what that is but they said there would be any contrast at the doctors when they gave me the referral. Luckily I knew to take the day off of work but I didn't know that the next day I'd still be in a lot of pain. In fact, the pain is significantly worse than before the MRI and injection. I called my doctor's office and they said to come in, so I did. I left work, my fiance left to drive me since my shoulder hurts so much I can't even pop ice cubes out of an ice cube tray. After waiting 45 minutes to see the doctor he looked at my chart for maybe 30 seconds and told me to take ibuprofen and put a cold pack on it. He didn't listen to the fact that my pain level went from a 3 to a 7 in the space of a week. He had me move the bad shoulder but didn't have me move the right to see what my normal range of motion was. In fact, I'd say he just came into the room to get me out of the office.

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