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Meeting my next husband

A male co-worker wanted to fix me up with a guy he thought would be perfect for me. The guy was tall, nice looking, divorced, a former jet pilot-and he made a lot of money in commercial real estate. I was reluctant. But after some coaxing, I agreed to go on a blind date with my co-worker and his wife to meet this guy-but only for drinks.

At the last minute, my co-worker called and said he and his wife had to cancel. So I went to meet my blind date on my own. I was wearing a white dress with an open collar, a straight skirt, and blue Charles Jordan heels. I spotted my blind date right away and walked up to him. But when I looked up at him, he was ogling my breasts. The top of my dress had popped open. It was an awkward introduction. But we agreed to see each other again.

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