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Losing the engagement ring

I made these romantic plans about how I was going to propose that night. It was going to be a surprise. I double-checked to make sure the ring was in my pocket before I went to pick her up. I reached into my pocket and checked it again as we trudged through the snow of the restaurant's parking lot. But when I reached into my pocket again to give it to the Matre'd to slip into a glass of champagne, I couldn't find it. I panicked and had to spill the beans to my girlfriend before I even got a chance to ask her to marry me. My girlfriend and I retraced our steps and even dug through the snow to see if we could find it.

People walking by thought we were crazy. Just then, the Matre'd came running out waiving the ring. It had slipped through a tiny hole in my pocket that I didn't know was there and rolled under his stand. So I picked it up, knelt on one knee in the snow, and proposed right there. It didn't go exactly that way I had planned. But she still said, "yes."

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