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Losing my job

I couldn't believe I was out of a job. When I got to my office, I began preparing for the day. I knew the new Chief Operating Officer was thinking of new ways to organize the agency, so I didn't think of possible topics for the 10 a.m. planning meeting. As I entered the meeting, I was puzzled when the Chief Operating Office and Patricia, my colleague of 18 years, greeted me with handshakes. It was so odd for such a meeting. Then Patricia opened the meeting with two sentences: My position was being terminated. And I would not be an employee. I asked if it was performance-related and was told, "No." I was too stunned to even think of any other questions to ask. The Chief Operating Officer began describing a compensation package, but I was too stunned to hear much more. He quickly concluded the meeting and they both left the room, leaving me there staring off into space.

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