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I caught my girlfriend cheating on me!

Geri had been in college for three months and wasn't returning my calls. I skipped out of seventh hour and headed for her school, which was a good two hour drive.

On the way, I listened to the CD she had burned for me the day she left, filled with all of our songs. I made my way to the dorm where I knew she lived and instead of knocking, turned the knob and walked in, hoping to surprise her. I spotted the dozen roses I had sent yesterday first, in a vase on the desk below her loft. Then a head I didn't recognize popped out from under the covers on the bed up above them. A tiny shriek that I recognized to be the voice of the love of my life was my signal to get the hell out of there, and never look back. I sped back home on the backroads, and tossed the CD out the window the first chance I got.

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