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First Sip

I wanted to come out of my shell, but after all this time I wasn't sure quite how to do that. I was invited to my first party with one of my popular friends that took a liking to me for some reason. We walked through the door and they handed me that cold, silver can. I held it in my hands and looked at it for a minute, and then I realized that they were all looking at me, wondering why I hadn't cracked it open yet. I looked nonchalantly back at them and cracked it open, bringing the can up to my lips. I took a sip, then after a quick breathe, a big gulp. This wasn't so bad after all! They all started talking to me as I slugged the beer down and asked for another. Maybe this was the key to coming out of my shell, as I felt way more relaxed and ready to chat up the room.

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