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First job working at a hotel

Like a lot of people my age, my first job was at a hotel down in Waikiki. I was a porter, so my job was to help tourists get their bags out of taxis and up to their room. It wasn't a very exciting job, but at least it got me some money, which is something I really wanted at that time because I was going on lots of dates. One time a big white guy with lots of suitcases had me carry about ten pieces of luggage up to his room, and all the time he was just puffing on one cigar. I thought he was going to be a bad tipper, but once I had the luggage situated in his room, he gave me a fifty dollar bill. My jaw nearly hit the floor, but I thanked him and got out of there as quick as I could, just in case he thought he had given me a five by mistake.

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