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First Car

I couldn't wait for the school day to end because my dad was buying me my first car that day. I ran all the way home from the bus stop, excited that I'd never have to ride that humiliating thing again.

I'd been daydreaming all day about what kind and color it would be, and how cute I would look in my new car. I'd picture a load of my friends with me driving my new convertible, our hair blowing in the wind while the tunes blared. I spotted my dad leaning up against it, and my run slowed to a walk.

It was a huge, I mean huge, pea green Ford Elite. Daddy excitedly told me to climb in and take it for a ride. I drove it down a few lonely country roads where I knew I'd see nobody, then headed home to thank him. "You'll never get hurt in that thing honey!" he exclaimed as I hugged him tight.

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