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Finding my best fuzzy friend

I went to the no-kill shelter to get myself and my daughter a pet or two.

The experience was rather enjoyable as we shopped around for different animals. I knew we both wanted a cat, but my daughter also wanted a dog.

The dog was easy to find. He was a cute little rat terrier who was deceivingly quiet and obedient at the time. his only real downfall was that he wouldn't sit when he was asked, but his cute little face totally made up for it.

The cat was not as easy to find. I knew I wanted a tortoiseshell calico, and I wanted a cat that liked to be held.

We met several cats that day, and i wanted to take the majority of them home...but we could only have the one, and it had to be one that could get along with the dog...which was not easy to find at all.

We almost had to leave the shelter for the day without a cat, because there was limit on how many we could view in one day, and we ended up meeting our quota.

But the staff was nice enough to let us meet one more. I picked her up, and she nuzzled the bottom of my chin with the top of her head. That was all I needed to know, and we took her home as soon as she was spayed. She has been nuzzling my chin like that every morning ever since :)

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