i hate my father finding out my parents were getting divorced you'll forget this when you are older unhappy ending thanksgiving day (cancellation) dad's departure the world becomes new again dad disowns me abusive father i tell my parents i'm gay the big d the fall marriage? no way! welcome to the planet my broken arm rebel breaking my arm my mother's new boyfriend never again trying to run away again step dad.. "mr. denton" leaving home my dad's new wife i can't give up on him we're going to disneyworld -not! buying our first house i'm leaving home gotta be strong getting arrested that other guy my vegetables dad's departure shopping for clothes another family holiday best shot hard divorce super man i try to forget it all divorced moving day the calm before the storm cracks in the foundation my first wife leaves me the talk man of the house when you're 4 and your best friend is dying. our dog gerty hiding the truth from everyone going to college confronting my mother family pictures little confused sister parenting isn't a job you can quit misunderstood dinner's cold again 'pasghetti 'please wire hangers happy home bullying in your face feeling like a mom for the first time make it stop, violent father you can always go home again, no dates for me loud voices mid night flee into the ocean shouting back life story laughing hysterically it's all worth it fun in the kitchen the unexpected flowers family reunion match made in heaven movie day if you could die of boredom little sisters in big trouble the first lie good start book time picking apples pizza night cleaning up after crackling fire screaming louder
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