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Facing betrayal

I had been going with this guy for almost three years. It was a twisted relationship. To his family, I was his girlfriend. They really loved me. But I was never sure about him. One minute, he'd be wonderful and romantic; the next, he'd be cruel-verbally and emotionally abusive. I suspected he'd been screwing around with other girls, but had no proof. And when I asked him about it, he'd turn it around as if I was at fault.

One day, I heard he had picked up a girl and taken her out on the lake to have sex with her. When he came home that night, he tried to have sex with me. I refused and demanded that he tell me the truth. He tried to turn it around on me again. But this time I wasn't buying it. When I asked him if he'd just been using me all this time, he just looked at me-and I knew it was true. A short time later, he tried to get back together with me, saying I was the best thing that ever happened to him. But I just smiled and walked away.

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