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Empath Heart Opens, Empath Feels

I went to a coffee shop today. It is owned by a Christian church.
Rewind for a second....Yesterday I met a man there, let's call him "John". He welcomed me and shook my hand. I could feel his happiness, the joy he had. He couldn't stop laughing with the cashier, and feeling so joyous. I couldn't help but smile and almost cry.
...Forward to a few hours ago..He decided to sit down and speak with me. It seems he sat there to share "his" truth with me. John seemed nervous, a bit fidgety and was struggling to get his words out the way he wanted to explain and get the point across. I think he may have had a mental condition also. I related with him on not being able to express himself, because I have trouble with that too...wanting to use the right words.
I sat, was patient, opened my heart and was taking the time to hear him out and speak with him when he asked me questions.
Long story short, I think he was subconsciously attracted to me, as an empath. Everyone else didn't want to hear him (or at least he felt that way). We were both calm when talking, but I saw some frustration and anger in his face, he went back to calm, and in the end John left angry and frustrated...Like his faith is SO strong in his belief, that he couldn't handle what another person believes. I could feel his tension and frustration when looking at him and when he touched my hand.

I don't want to feel his tension and frustration...that is his and is not my responsibility to feel. I tried to let it go and consciously give it back to him.
Other empaths: How do you handle a situation when a person wants to talk and talk to you, but you just need space? And how do you handle it when you talk, but other people act outrageous and not able to accept "your" truth, your belief?

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