losing my best friend on 9/11 death of a friend my dad needs a kidney losing a friend one moment losing a friend on 9/11 farewell mom god gets me again losing my mom the loss that no kid should have to face a weird dream sometimes people go away forever hit by a drunk driver losing my brother and i am alone goodbye dad am i dreaming? the first film that matters the end will always come meeting my future wife glimpse of death can't take care of birds my aunt is the only person i know who has died, until now the day my brother died my grandmother dies seeing someone fade away the day i lost my husband after father dies, cleaning out basement and finding old nazi gear another death losing a loved one a letter to cat i was in a coma when my brothers were murdered goodbye mom loving secret the death of my father sad day grandma dies losing my husband dealing with the dead of my dog good bye mom old high school friend dies in boating accident heart attack when my first dog died open casket the night my father died hard to say goodbye mother's day gotta be strong a best friend's funeral the worst day of my life when my dad died losing my father frank succumbs to his injury moment of madness irony a death at school it's hard to say good bye uncle bert learning that my mother died gone too soon cracks in the foundation near death experience when my mother died 2 year anniversary my uncle losing my father algernon's death phone call my mother's funeral the ways we grieve losing my mother goodbye little fish losing my world. inside i'm hollow baby jaws finally feeling the pain uncle ted died real men don't cry my father's plane goes down death=happiness cat is sick the letter from war saying goodbye the first mistake of many growing up too fast echoes of what used to be
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