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Dad Had a Stroke

"Doug? It s mom. Do you have a moment to talk?" my mom asked as I answered the phone.

"I always have a moment to talk with my mom. What's going on with you today."

"Well, actually, I kind of have some bad news," she paused a moment before continuing, "Your dad has had a stroke. He's in the ICU right now recovering."

I didn't know what to say at first, this was shocking news. "Do you need me to come out mom?"

"Would you Doug? I.. I just feel so worried, and I don't want your dad to see me worried." she said it, and I could hear the fear in her voice.

I got off the phone with her shortly after that and arranged with my boss to let me have some emergency family leave. It wasn't more than 5 hours after that, when I was ready to go. I hoped in the car and sped as fast as I could to get back to me old home town.

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