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Cheating Boyfriend

Leave it to me, to find the worst guy in the world to be my first boyfriend. When I met him, he seemed sweet, chivalrous and romantic. Now, when I think back to the day I caught him cheating on me, I can see that he was just slimy, deceitful, and selfish.

It was just after school one day in April, and I had gone straight to his dorm to see if we could make some evening plans. I had only been with him for 6 months, and usually he met me at my dorm, so I was a little nervous about showing up spontaneously, but I assumed it would be ok. When I got there I wished I had listened to my intuition. He was in the middle of a fight with a girl who had found text messages to another girl who wasn't even me. This means he was fooling at least 3 girls at one time. I left and never talked to him again after that. What a prick.

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