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Cat is Sick

Leukemia? I didn't know cats could even get that, I thought to myself while staring at the vet.

'How long does that give him to live?' I asked, hoping for a while yet.

'Maybe 6 months to a year, if he gets the right treatments.' The vet didn't look to optimistic, 'However, most of the treatments are expensive.'

'How long would he have without all the treatments?' I asked in despair.

He looked at me, and I could see the years wearing on him, 'Most likely 3 to 4 months of active life, and then he'll need pain killers for the rest of the time.' he paused for a moment, 'And at that point, most owners choose euthanasia.'

That was a lot to swallow in one day, and as I left the office, I knew I would have to make a quick decision for my cat's future.

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