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Anti-Depressant Rage

For some reason the doctors had prescribed me some anti depressants in hopes that they might cure my bad back pain. Depression was apparently a very common cause of physical pain, if it didn't manifest any other symptoms. I took two of the little green and black pills and then ate the cheeseburger that I had just bought. I never could take medications without eating.

It was only an hour later on that day, when I noticed the pills kicking in. I expected to be overtaken by a calm happy feeling, but instead felt my self getting tense and annoyed easily. I remember the walk home from work, when I nearly attacked a kid who was watching me walk, and the squirrel that I chased up a tree. After that day I knew that anti-depressants wouldn't be my pain cure. They did the opposite of happy and sad together, they made me super angry.

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