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A proposal

Willy and I started dating pretty heavily right out of high school, but he was never aware that I was also dating a boy named Ralph. I knew I was still young, so there was no sense in getting too involved with either one. I wasn't sleeping with either yet, so I figured I had time to try and figure it out. But Willy forced my hand when, one night, he popped the question on me. We had just pulled up at my house after a night at the movies, and out came a ring. I told him I would have to think about it, and he looked a little sad. "Don't be sad," I said. "Thank you for caring enough to want me for the rest of your life. I'll give it serious thought." I felt bad for the guy, but that was all he was getting out of me at the moment.

A couple of days after Willy proposed to me, I was tied up in knots about what to do. I knew it wasn't right to keep him dangling on a string, but I also wasn't so sure he was the right one for me. I figured it out when I went out that weekend with Ralph. We had gone to a restaurant, and after that were going to go to a movie, when he suggested we go back to his place instead. There, he quickly became a total dog, trying to get me out of my bra despite my protests. I slapped him and told him we were through, and then he dejectedly drove me home. On the way home I decided to marry Willy.

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